Akanksha Singh is known for her unique, adventurous and innovative makeup techniques which include using her hands as opposed to brushes. She has a talent for using bold hues and material experimentation. She is an enthusiast of all things artistic. When asked about how she established herself as a makeup artist and about her journey, she promptly says, “Since I can remember my need for change has always made me strive on trying new and different things. Ever since I was young I have repeated three words over and over again in my mind. PASSION. INSPIRATION. OBSESSION. These words became my guiding principles, my manifesto as I brought this brand to life and then there was no looking back.”

Akanksha is limitless. Her art lies within the reinvention of makeup and experimentation. Her innovative and intuitive outlook to life helps create the vibrant and legendary look we see throughout the pictures. SHE BELIEVES THAT make-up is magic you create an illusion around you. SHE loves trying New Products, mixing different texture and creating a look with it.

AKISHA MAKEOVERS will introduce you to the newest and hottest products available in the market. We will make sure that you look the most stunning.

Let’s get started people! This is hair & make-up!